Virunga Crest Hike

This is a stunning 11km hike near Musanze with 499m of climbing.img_2182

Info: A hike along the ridge between Lakes Ruhondo and Bulera with amazing views. The hike starts at Virunga Lodge, one of Rwanda’s nicest hotels. From the lodge car park follow the signed ‘village trail’ down the hill to the road along the ridge line. From here there are great views of Lake Bulera. You will walk past a great village library, the manager is happy to show you around. As you walk along the ridge you will pass a library builtDescend into a lush valley, catching your first sight of Lake Ruhondo at the bottom. The trail goes along the base of the ridge line to the edge of Lake Ruhondo and its hydro-electric plant. You then follow a road up into a narrow valley separating the two lakes where the river used to flow, up to a small dam. From here you climb up to the top of the ridge with great views of Lake Ruhondo. The trail goes back along the ridge line along the dirt road then back up the hill to Virunga Lodge (the way you came). After the hike you will have earned a drink or lunch at the Lodge’s restaurant, which has great views of the volcanoes.





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