Lake Valley Hike

This is a 11.5km hike to a lake with 412m of climbing. 3 hour hike.

Lake Valley Hike.jpg

Info: It starts at the valley bottom alongside an irrigation scheme. Once you’ve parked your car you immediately climb along a small trail to the ridge line, where there is a dirt road. You walk along the ridge line and then down to a lake at  the end of the valley. The hike ends by walking back along the valley floor to the car.

An extension follows a similar loop but starts closer to the main road, making the total hike 15km.

How to get there: 

By car – Drive north up the Byumba/ Uganda tar road from Kigali. Turn right just before lake Muhazi at signs for Kingfisher Lodge. See Google Maps for the turn. The parking is about 2.5km from the main road along a single lane track.

By public transport – Get a bus from Nyabugogo Bus Park to Byumba/ Gicumbi. Get off early at the turn indicated on the map. You can either then walk the 2.5km to the trail head or walk to the start of the extension and do the longer loop.



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